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Reducing Income Tax Liability

Film Tax Credits & Entertainment Tax Credits

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Integrity And Customer Service

State Tax Incentives brokers the sale of state entertainment tax credits from film production studios to taxpayers. These entertainment tax credits can be used to offset state income tax liabilities for individuals, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, trusts and insurance companies. Integrity and customer service are two of our company’s core values, so we work tirelessly to make sure both seller and buyer leave the transaction satisfied.

Reduce Your Income Tax Liability With Us

With $975 million in film tax credit sales in the U.S., resulting in over 100 films and thousands of jobs, let the experience of State Tax Incentives get more for you.

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State Tax Incentives Nationwide


Offset up to 100% Corporate Income Tax,
100% Personal Income Tax


Offset up to 100% Corporate Income Tax,
100% Personal Income Tax


May offset almost 100% of taxpayer’s MA corporate income tax liability (The credit may not reduce the tax total less than the minimum excise), offset up to 100% personal income tax non-recapturable


Offset up to 55% Premium Tax, 50% Corporate Income Tax


Offset up to 100% Corporate Income Tax, 100% Personal Income Tax


Offset up to 50% Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax, Premium Tax, Capital Stock and Franchise Tax, and the Bank Shares Tax.

New Jersey

Offset up to 100% Corporate Income Tax, 100% Personal Income Tax


Offset up to 100% of Business, Gaming License, Premiums Tax

Rhode Island

Offset up to 100% Corporate, Personal, Premiums Tax

How the Process Works:

We manage the entire tax credit purchase process from start to finish and are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer and advisor support through every step of the transaction.

With over 20 years of team experience, and over 975 Million in transactions in the entertainment tax credit marketplace, State Tax Incentives has created deep relationships with production companies ranging from major studios to independent producers.

  • 01

    You Provide the Following Information:

    Name, Address, Social Security Number or FEIN, Email, Phone, CPA name and Email

  • 02

    We Send Purchase Agreement for review and Invoice for Payment

    (copy CPA)

  • 03

    You Sign the Purchase Agreement via secure DocuSign link and send payment

    (via wire or check)

  • 04

    We Transfer credits per the state’s guidelines

    (copy CPA)

  • 05

    You receive a FINAL Document with signatures and Georgia Dept of revenue form IT TRANS - proof of transfer.

    (copy CPA)

  • 06

    File Taxes with credit and save on your tax liability

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